My teaching

I have had the pleasure to teach many courses over the course of my career. I am posting some of my syllabi, assignments, and favorite classroom activities here. This page will be updated as I digitally archive more of my work, and as I teach more courses. My hope is that this site will become a primary hub to share ideas with other teachers, continue conversations about effective teaching, and as a resource for past, current, and future students to revisit our time together.

All documents are in .docx format, unless otherwise noted. I have done this so you can download and edit the assignment for your own classroom as you see fit. I'd love to see any changes and remixes of my assignments, so please feel free to share them with me!

University of New Mexico

Major Texts in Rhetoric (ENGL 542)

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

Contemporary Texts in Rhetoric (ENGL 543)

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

Technical and Professional Writing (ENGL 219)

This course has an interesting story. This course is usually an entry-level technical and professional writing course, primarily comprised of assignments like feasibility reports, technical descriptions, instruction sets, proposals and the like. In April, 2014, I was tapped to develop a version of this course that might cater more to the needs of business students in the Anderson School of Management. Materials developed for the business-oriented course will be under the "219A", and the traditional course materials will be under "219."


Data Visualization Assignment

Documentation (ENGL 413)

Course Syllabus and Schedule

Instruction Set Analysis

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